The Fat Loss Factor Is The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need

If you consult your doctor about the best method to lose weight and keep it off, they’ll invariably give you a standard answer about eating healthy meals in small portions and getting plenty of exercise. That’s easy to say but not always easy to do. What exactly qualifies as a nutritious and healthy diet, and how much and what kind of exercise is appropriate and effective are topics that bring almost an unlimited amount of opinions.

fat loss factor

There’s Too Much Information About Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight and stay slim after you do, it’s almost impossible to make an informed decision about how to proceed by sorting through the blizzard of information about the subject. All people are not identical, what works for one person might not work for another, and some weight-loss advice can even be dangerous if you’re not healthy enough to begin with the rigorous exercise and near-starvation portions that many diets call for.

The Fat Loss Factor Uses Sound Science to Help You Lose Weight

That’s why the Fat Loss Factor weight loss plan by Dr. Charles Livingston is such a breakthrough. Unlike many other plans, it’s based on sound science and proven methodology. It takes into account the need for weight loss and fitness routines to be geared to each person’s individual needs and capabilities. The Fat Loss Factor approach to weight loss includes excellent guidance for proper nutrition and appropriate amounts of exercise, but helps your body cleanse itself first so that you can make measurable, daily progress that will keep you from getting discouraged and falling back into the old habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

fat loss factor

Dr. Livingston Is an Expert in Wellness and Weight Loss

Dr. Charles Livingston is a Board Certified Chiropractor as well as Certified Wellness Practitioner. Unlike many physicians you might consult for weight loss guidance, he’s also a world-renowned fitness expert and nutritionist. While other doctors simply say you should eat right and get proper exercise, Doctor Livingston is actually trained and experienced in the nuts and bolts of diet and workouts that deliver measurable results.

Dr. Livingston is in demand all over the world for lectures and seminars about his innovative and proven Fat Loss Factor weight loss program. He’s edited his approach down into an informative and easy to follow video that concentrates on the success of one of the first of his patients to try his weight loss methods. In an amazing demonstration of the power of the Fat Loss Factor to work for people that have tried literally dozens of different diets with no success, single mother Lori recounts her experience and tells how she lost an amazing 90 pounds by following Dr.Charles’ methods. Before and after pictures testify to her amazing journey, losing an incredible 16 dress sizes and keeping off the weight for good. Lori’s experience was the beginning of the program R. Livingston now calls the Fat Loss Factor.

Stay Away From Diet Pills

If you’ve tried other weight loss programs, you’ve probably encountered the advice to take diet pills. Diet pills are unhealthy and can be quite dangerous, and whatever weight you’re able to lose by taking them is always immediately gained back the moment you stop taking them. Diet pills and other gimmicks are never going to give you the safe, effective, long term results that you’ll enjoy by following the Fat Loss Factor program. The Fat Loss Factor is not a quick fix or a magic potion to lose weight. It’s designed to help you make changes in your eating and exercise habits that are repeatable and effective in losing weight and keeping it off. In addition to helping you lose weight and feel better, the Fat Loss Factor doesn’t demand starvation diets and iron man workouts in order to work.

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You Can’t Exercise With No Energy

The Fat Loss Factor takes into account that it’s almost impossible to begin heavy exercise at the same time you’re severely limiting your calorie intake. Your body doesn’t immediately begin burning stored fat just because you’ve started a vigorous workout regimen. If you try to perform any kind of heavy physical activity while your body is starved for calories, your body does what humans are designed to do in time of famine. This starvation mode actually decreases the energy available to the body as the body desperately tries to decrease the amount of fat it burns. That’s why diet after diet fails, but Fat Loss Factor succeeds. Your body needs to go through a well-defined process in order to turn on its fat burning switch and give you the energy you need to continue your progress.

Women and Men Are Different and Diets Should Address That

Women are especially hard-hit by this tendency of the body to try to lower your metabolism just as you’re trying to increase it to burn stored fat. Human males and females are designed very differently by evolution. Men are designed to be leaner than women in order to actively hunt for food, and women are built to store fat in order to allow childbirth, nursing, and other activities that require them to withstand lean times longer. Our bodies don’t know that we work side by side in cubicles in our modern age, so it’s still easier for women to accumulate fat and harder for them to get rid of it. That’s another reason why the Fat Loss Factor program is unique in the diet and fitness world. It takes into account the difference between male and female metabolism in order to closely tailor diet and fitness advice to the particular user.

You Won’t Get Slim Until You Get Healthy

If you remember back to your high school Biology classes, you probably learned that food is digested in the stomach and upper and lower intestine. That’s true, but that’s not how your body burns stored fat. It’s your liver that produces the enzymes necessary for your body to metabolize fat, and until you address liver function, you’re never going to have any luck losing fat and keeping it off.

The Fat Loss Factor is one of the only weight loss programs that understand the importance of proper liver function in losing weight. The very first part of the Fat Loss Factor plan is dedicated to making important dietary changes and a period of cleansing that revitalizes your liver and gets it back to its most important function.

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The Liver Is the Key To Fat Burning

The liver is the most important organ for metabolizing stored fat in the body and can become filled with toxins that are present in the processed foods we eat, in the air we breathe, and the water we drink. Even people who attempt to keep track of their nutrition and avoid unnecessary preservatives, colorants, and empty sugar calories in their diet can be frustrated by the unavailability of food that’s healthy and nutritious in restaurants and markets all across the country.

Read almost any newspaper or watch any evening news show and you’ll hear about the growing understanding of how unhealthy diets full of sweeteners like High Fructose Corn Syrup can be. Scientists have discovered that not only do HFCS and obesity go hand in hand; they’ve also discovered that HFCS can cause liver damage even in the absence of weight gain. Since your body relies on your liver in order to burn stored fat, this damage to your liver can make it nearly impossible to lose weight through exercising, because you run out of energy long before you body can even begin to burn stored fat.

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That’s where the Fat Loss Factor stands head and shoulders above other diet plans. It concentrates on removing everything from the diet that affects liver function, and then takes you through a period of detoxifying your body from all the stuff that accumulates when you eat a diet high in unhealthy HFCS and other empty calories.

Let’s Take A Close Look at the Four Parts of the Fat Loss Factor Program

The Fat Loss Factor’s first stage might be the most important, and the most overlooked by other weight loss and fitness plans. Until you properly detoxify your body, especially your liver, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle that can cause even the most dedicated dieter to lose hope and go back to their old habits. Dr. Livingston’s study of the workings of the body takes into account the need for the liver to produce enzymes that can transform the fatty deposits in your body into usable energy so you can continue exercising and build muscle. The liver’s job as a producer of these enzymes is greatly affected by its secondary function of filtering out unwholesome ingredients in our food and water. As the liver becomes sodden with these accumulated compounds from our diets, the chances of success with your diet get smaller and smaller. The Fat Loss Factor contains all the information and guidance necessary for you to detoxify the body and get your normal liver functions back where they belong

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Fat Loss Factor Program

Changing Your Diet For the Better

In the second phase of the program, you’ll be given expert guidance on choosing the correct foods that encourage your body to burn excess fat while avoiding the feeling of exhaustion that most diets can cause. An individual’s personal tastes can make it difficult to stick to diets that are designed with a one-size-fits-all mindset. That’s why the Fat Loss Factor includes so many different combinations of foods that you can choose from to assemble a diet that will supply you with the vitamins, minerals, and protein that you need for peak energy levels but tasty enough to suit even picky eaters.

Exercise and Diet Go Hand In Hand

Next comes a sensible and achievable exercise program. By observing the real-world results of successful patients, Dr. Charles has determined that you only need to exercise for 15 minutes three times a week to get your fat-burning engine going. You have to work hard for these short workouts, and they have to serve your body’s need for both cardiovascular and strength training.

The Fat Loss Factor’s High Intensity Interval Training does more than most exercise advice that simply tells you to increase your pulse rate and keep it there for hours at a time. It’s not practical for most people to exercise for hours a day, every day, and it’s not necessary if you stimulate your body with the Fat Loss Factor’s exercise routines. You’ll grow muscle fiber and burn stored fat while your body recovers from your workouts.

Making Permanent Changes

The last part of the Fat Loss Factor is the most important if you’re going to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it. Most diets fail early, but even those that work for a while eventually have to change the way people eat and exercise for good once that weight is off. The Fat Loss Factor gives this vital part of any diet plan the attention it deserves, so you’ll stay slim and feel energetic indefinitely.

The Fat Loss Factor Plan Includes the Following Items:

  • Fat Loss Factor Ebook
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • 10-Minute Raw Food Recipes
  • 90-Day Meal Plan
  • Liver Cleansing Instructional Video
  • Diet And Exercise Journal
  • Three-Stage Workout Books
  • Short Workout Samples
  • Food Shopping Lists
  • Goal-Setting Guides

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Fat Loss Factor Program
If you’re still wondering if the Fat Loss Factor is right for you, keep in mind that it’s not a magic bullet that melts away pounds without effort. The Fat Loss Factor will only work if you commit to its twelve-week plan, and stick to it. Dr. Livingston’s website is full of hundreds of before and after pictures and video of people that have used this method to lose weight and keep it off, so if you’re willing to put in the effort, The Fat Loss Factor is bound to help you, too.

Stop the Merry-Go-Round of Weight Gain and Dieting

If you’ve been fighting a losing battle with weight gain, the money you spend on the Fat Loss Factor will seem like nothing compared to the improvement in your appearance, health, and energy that it delivers. Buy it today, and get started on the path to a better you immediately. Click here to get more information and a discounted offer on Fat Loss Factor.

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